Jocham Hospital is a health care facility located at the North Coast of Mombasa just after Nyali Bridge. It opened its doors to the first patient on 5th May 1999.

Jocham hospital offers state-of-the-art services at mwananchi rates


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X-Ray & Ultra Sound Facility

Going through with the baby has had moments of anxiety…it has also shown that we are growing in terms of care, which is a joy of every midwife – to have a mother go away with her baby after delivery.
These words were said by Matron Ruth Mugofwa of Jocham Hospital while sharing her moving experience in caring for the tiniest baby to survive in Kenya…


Overweight and Obesity

What kinds of health problems are linked to overweight and obesity? Excess weight may increase the risk for many health ...
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Jocham Hospital Ltd. Physiotherapy Center

The relationship between pain and the state of the tissues becomes weaker as pain persists – Lorimer Moseley We feel, ...
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