About us

Our Corporate Culture

We are specific about quality and we take pride in our reputation in provision of high standard of health care. We give patients paramount satisfaction.

Our Values

• To provide quality health care to all.
• To be professional and ethical.
• To be compassionate.
• To maintain high integrity.
• To be socially responsible.
• To be dynamic in health care provision.

Our Motto

We care.

Mission statement
To offer personalized and quality services at an affordable rate.

Our vision
To be the leading hospital at the coast province offering the best and always exceeding our client’s expectation.


The organizational structure at Jocham Hospital, is a simple one to facilitate efficient flow of information and to ease the decision making process. It is headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is deputized by the Director in charge of special programmes and the chief Administrator. Other senior staff members include the Hospital Matron (with a deputy), the Chief Accountant, the Internal Auditor, Senior Resident Medical Doctor and Heads of Department.

This simple organization structure was adopted to ensure that directives and information flow efficiently to maximize quality service delivery to our clients; both corporate and individual.

Contact Details

+254 041 047 4472 /
020 8011 612/
020 2039 042

Mobile: +254 722 207 664/
0733 710 174.

Email: info@jochamhospital.org