Jocham Funeral Home

The management and directorship of Jocham Hospital felt it prudent to invest on mortuary services due to high level charges associated with similar private setups in the region, thus bridging the gap. We arrange funeral services in accordance with the wishes of families and the deceased. When the deceased are brought to the funeral home, they are embalmed to delay decomposition.

Embalming procedure involves replacement of the blood of the deceased with a mixture of preservative chemicals and dyes, aspiration of the internal organs, and the setting of the person’s features. If the deceased was disfigured in an accident or illness, our embalmer utilizes retrospective technique to make the body presentable for an open casket service. We have set a large area for families to gather at a visitation. This area contains a space for viewing the deceased in the casket for their families to pay their respects.

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