Martenity Wing

The maternity wing This ward takes care of expectant mothers and their newborn infants. The ward comprises of maternity, labour room and nursery. This has a 10 bed capacity that carter for expectant clients during pregnancy, labour and after delivery. We offer child welfare clinic and childbirth education classes.

Nursery is where the newborn babies are admitted for close monitoring. The well babies room in with their mothers. We have education sessions for the mothers on baby bathing, breast feeding techniques, cord care and general baby care on daily basis. One to one education is also carried out where a need is identified.

The unwell and premature babies requiring close monitoring and stabilization from birth complications are admitted in the premature unit. Here there is specialized team of neonatal (baby) nurses who monitor the baby either by nursing them in the incubator or cot. Our specialized neonatal nurses can boast of delivering, nursing and monitoring to maturity the tiniest baby in Kenya back in 2004.

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