In Patient Jocham Hospital inpatient department is coordinated at the customer care desk, which is located at the reception area of the hospital. The inpatient division consists of: • Wards • Maternity wing • Operating Theatres Wards Jocham hospital has a 43 bed capacity with outstanding facilities and professional nursing care which has made the hospital a top preference in the region.

Through a continuous in- house training, internal wards for excellent services, as well as continuous quality improvement assessment, the nursing unit has built the hospital’s corporate strategy and continues to deliver the hospital mission.

The bed capacity is spread per unit as follows;

  •  Pediatric ward has 8 beds
  •  Female ward has 13 beds
  •  Male ward has 12 beds
  •  Maternity ward has 10 beds

All wards are headed by a Nurse in- Charge and supported by senior nurses and cleaning staff with a one to one patient nurse allocation. Each bed is fitted with an oxygen supply and a bell to summon a nurse whenever needed. The beds have adjustable inclination knobs to suit individual and medically approved resting position. Access to a kitchen, washrooms, and a relaxation garden is also a necessary facility that the hospital has assured its patient. Accommodation facilities range from self contained private rooms to general ward bed to enhance patient’s choice.


Contact Details

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Mobile: +254 722 207 664/
0733 710 174.

Email: info@jochamhospital.org