Our Team

These are full time employees of Jocham Hospital Ltd. They are currently over two hundred (200) with a possibility of increasing relative to increased patient flow.

They work in shifts (Day & Night), though they may be required to report for work in case of an emergency. They are all qualified and experienced medical doctors, very ethical and sincere to duties Jocham Hospital is re known for the high quality nursing care and provision of excellent patient services in the coast region. Professionalism is an aspect we pride ourselves in. We take great care to recruit and retain nurses of high caliber who are committed to patient care.

To achieve that quality of care, procedures, policies and standards have been put in place using national and international benchmarks. Regular internal audits are done to ensure that the medical care quality at any time is improved. The nursing division is the hospital’s backbone in medical care giving patients a positive hospital experience and beneficial environment for quick recovery.

Our dedicated nursing staffs provide professional care within a friendly and comfortable environment, helping to ensure that coming into hospital is a more pleasurable and less anxious time for you and your family. The nursing services are headed by the matron who has a deputy matron. They are assisted in the operations of the various sections by Departmental in- charges.

Contact Details

+254 041 047 4472 /
020 8011 612/
020 2039 042

Mobile: +254 722 207 664/
0733 710 174.

Email: info@jochamhospital.org